Congenital? Post-baby?

It's 2024 and there are still those who expect miracles in breast augmentation, but the truth is that real science and health are always more effective than fashion and mythical methods. Instead of believing those who promise “magic” and “instant results”, trust science and choose healthy options. Because the real magic is hidden in knowledge and conscious choices!

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Congenital anomalies of the breast can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, such as distorted symmetry, abnormalities in the placement of the nipple or underdevelopment of breast tissue. These conditions can often lead to aesthetic concerns and affect an individual's self-confidence. Tubular breast anomaly is among the congenital breast anomalies that we frequently see in the society.

Tubular breast refers to a condition that occurs as a result of an abnormality in breast development. Tubular breast is a condition in which the breast tissue does not grow tighter and denser than normal, the nipple is not enlarged and the breast tissue grows in a focused manner in the lower region. This condition can often cause aesthetic concerns and creates a marked difference in breast shape. Surgical treatment methods may vary depending on the severity of the tubular breast condition and the individual's specific situation. Here are some of the surgical treatment methods for tubular breast condition:

1. Breast Implants: In tubular breast condition, breast size and shape can be affected due to the irregular development of breast tissue. Breast implants can be an option that corrects breast tissue and increases breast size.

2. Breast Lift (Mastopexy): In the case of a focused growth in the lower areas of the breast tissue, breast lift surgery can be performed. This is a procedure that lifts and shapes the breast tissue.

3. Areola Correction: Tubular breast condition is usually characterized by an enlarged areola. Surgical correction of the areola can improve breast aesthetics.

4. Breast Tissue Transfer: In some individuals with tubular breast conditions, procedures such as transferring their own body fat to the breast area can also be used. This can be done to provide a natural look and feel.

5. Dual Stage Surgery: In some cases, dual-stage surgical plans may be used to correct tubular breast conditions. The first stage involves organizing the breast tissue, while the second stage may involve the addition of breast implants. Each tubular breast condition is unique, so surgical plans are individualized. Prior to surgical treatment, a detailed consultation and evaluation should be performed by a specialized plastic surgeon.